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Sigma Psychology offers an opportunity to scientifically determine if you potentially have ADD/ADHD, learning difficulties, or other factors that interfere with university studies or career aspirations. Emotional distress, depression, or overwhelming behavioral issues can also make it difficult to concentrate. At Sigma Psychology, we specialize in cognitive assessment through evidence-based testing instruments and expertise in establishing what is interfering with your ability to get back on track and press forward.


Many psychology clinics are geared toward children and are very good at what they do. At Sigma Psychology, we offer neuropsychological assessment specific to young adults who are often consumed with course work or climbing the corporate ladder, which is quite different from school age children and their parent/child life circumstances. As a young adult, you are launching into a large university setting on your own, away from home, and may feel that you lack focus.


Specialized assessment of attention/concentration difficulties or deficits is a loose term that can be misleading. There are indeed many clinics and providers that offer broad based services, although may simply rely on a brief interview and questionnaires, which is substandard, but not uncommon. Reputable clinics around Ann Arbor are known to have a 1-2 year waiting list after you make the first phone call. At Sigma Psychology, you can schedule and complete the comprehensive evaluation within weeks, not months or years.


Neuropsychology involves a day of several subtests to measure intellectual and academic strengths, along with tests specific to memory, attention, processing speed, and executive functioning. We also objectively assess personality and psychological characteristics to get a fuller picture of your specific traits. This is not psychotherapy; this is a complete battery of tests that is clinically designed to capture what may impede or accelerate your ability to focus. Once the day of testing is complete, you can expect a full report within a week with sound recommendations specifically designed for you and your circumstances. If so desired, a feedback session can also be arranged to discuss the results.


The neuropsychological evaluation is a flat fee of $2,000.00, which is payable online through Lake Michigan Neuropsychology ( If the evaluation involves traumatic brain injury accompanied by voluminous records to review, additional fees for reviewing records may apply. Although we are not on any insurance panels, we will be happy to complete paperwork for you to submit to your insurance company so that you can go forward in pursuing reimbursement.


Dr. Montoya is a neuropsychologist with expertise in assessment of suspected cognitive changes or impairment due to a variety of potential dementias, acquired brain injury, stroke, ADD/ADHD, or other neurobehavioral disorders. In addition to private practice through Sigma Psychology, Dr. Montoya is on staff at a large local hospital system and frequently hired by a number of forensic settings to conduct independent medical evaluations across the state of Michigan and Chicago, Illinois. At Sigma Psychology, his primary focus involves assessment of college and university students and early career individuals who are in need of a comprehensive neuropsychological battery of tests to address concerns of cognitive inefficiency likely related to potential ADD/ADHD or learning disability within a reasonable time frame.
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